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Project consisted of audiovisual system and acoustical designs for a 1000 seat church and a K-8 grade elementary school. Audiovisual system designs for the church included an audio reinforcement and audio/video recording system in the main Sanctuary with overflow feeds to the Narthex, Sacristy and Fellowship Hall. The audio system utilized EtherSound technology to distribute multiple audio signals over a single CAT5 cable. Speakers in the narthex were integrated into the light fixtures. The Fellowship Hall audiovisual system included a projection system with computer, VCR, DVD and satellite TV inputs along with live feeds from the Sanctuary.

The school audiovisual system included an in-house CATV distribution system with feeds to each classroom for viewing either satellite TV channels or a live in-house broadcast from the library. A multimedia presentation system with a large rear screen display was also designed for the gym/auditorium.

Acoustical designs included interior room acoustics, acoustical isolation between spaces and mechanical system noise control for both the church and school.
"We are very pleased with the finished product, with your professional standards, and with the entire project experience. You provided a comprehensive, affordable, and efficient solution with a quick turnaround. We will certainly contact you for our future AV needs."

Ben Zumdahl
Our Lady of Hope Catholic Church