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MBP has worked with Greater Media for over 25 years and through dozens of radio studio construction projects. Recent notable projects consisted of the relocation and consolidation of radio stations in Boston, Philadelphia and Detroit into central combined structures. In Boston, all studios were relocated to a new site located next to an elevated limited access highway, a railway, and also impacted by aircraft noise. In Philadelphia, an existing site was expanded to accommodate additional studios. In Detroit, a new building was constructed to accommodate both the existing and new studios. Responsibilities included complete acoustical designs for the studio complexes consisting of 3-5 on-air studios at each site, along with associated production and edit studios. Designs included interior room acoustics, isolation between studios, and development of noise control designs for HVAC systems. Custom designs to control exterior noise penetration were developed to address the significant exterior noise load. Designs were also developed for support spaces including conference rooms and executive offices. Audiovisual designs and associated specifications were developed for the boardrooms, conference rooms and for building-wide music and paging systems.
"Absolute technical competence, an in-depth knowledge of architectural and mechanical construction, and real world attention to costs is a rare combination in the world of acoustical consultants - but it absolutely defines MBP."

Milford Smith, Jr.
Greater Media, Inc.